What Our Members Say:

I discovered the Women's Fitness Center in 1998 and I have been a member ever since.  It has become a home away from home for me. They know me there. I know me there. Whatever my mood may be I can go to the club and feel nourished.  Some days I need to have an intense work out and others require a short stint on the bike followed by a luxurious steam and hot tub.  On a cold, dreary winter night I have even been known to skip the exercise, go straight to the hot tub (after a rinse in the shower first, of course) and don my pjs before heading home.  

I see old friends there and I make new friends there. Some days I go just because I need to be around people and sometimes I go and keep to myself.  I've made professional contacts there and have received tremendous emotional support on all levels. Without family in the area, my community is that much more important to me and The Women's Fitness Center is an essential part of my support system on all levels.  It has become an integral part of my life and I am better for it. - Torri Chappell

My experience of WFC is akin to going to the local coffee shop every morning and that comfortable feeling of belonging somehow … from the long stretches of quiet personal moments to the fun social chatty ones.  I have come to know women that I cherish through being a regular that I probably would not have known otherwise.  The added bonus is, of course, we are all doing good things for our bodies while we’re at it. - Eugenia

I love my gym! I travel by car from east San Rafael five mornings a week to bathe myself in the inspiring teachers, warm community and loving atmosphere of my "home away from home." It is my sanctuary, grounding haven and spiritual place of joy. - Nancy Pechner

At 46, I feel as fit and healthy as at any time of my life. Going to the Women's Fitness Center regularly has helped me to get to that point. The gym is so welcoming and friendly. It's very inclusive and relaxed and there's always someone interesting to talk to. You can work out on your own terms and there are lots of great choices of classes. - Alison Double

I have been a member of the Women's Fitness Center for over 20 years. I participate in exercise and dance classes, work out on machines and have a wonderful massage on a regular basis. This center is unique for several reasons. The community of women that attend this gym are very special.There's a real feeling of comfort and support here. The women vary in ages from teenagers to seniors. There is one member in her 80s who comes daily and she is a mentor for the rest of us. All of the teachers create great choreography and play wonderful music. - Zoe Harris

In the spring of 1985, my mom, who was teaching yoga at a gym in Fairfax, encouraged me to come to her class.
It left me feeling strong and relaxed, as did the cardio and weight equipment, which I tried as well. I joined the gym shortly thereafter: one of the many good things that my mother has brought to my life.

I had recently graduated from college with a degree in Psychology, and I quickly found that many of the markers of psychological strength were positively affected in the gym. In other words, workouts offered more than just a stronger, more resilient body, they also offered a stronger, more resilient psyche. For me and for many of the women I spoke to during my workouts, our bodies were becoming more powerful, but so were our senses of ourselves. Making my way through my cardio and weights program, I would think about how I would love to be a part of making a difference for others in this way—it was why I loved Psychology—I just hadn’t imagined that such profound changes could happen in a gym, in such a wonderfully unexpected way. By the end of the year, through happy circumstance, I was the owner of the gym, and have been so since then.

I love being part of the Women’s Fitness Center because peoples’ lives change here -- really change. They hope that their bodies will transform, and they do, but they can’t imagine that they will have the experience that so many of us have had of our minds and spirits being transformed as well. “I learned that I can actually dance”; “I had a great conversation on the treadmill with someone here who later became my dearest friend”, “I lost forty pounds and can finally keep up with my kids now”; “I got through my empty-nest blues with the help some great women in my dance class… and lots of steambaths”; “I joined with my teenage daughter and we spend more time together”…. the list goes on.

And, of course, I love the sense of community here. I love seeing a woman in her twenties stop her leg press to watch a seventy-six-year old woman dancing, I love to see someone encourage the person on the next treadmill to try the incline setting she has just discovered. I love to see someone totally new to exercise lifting weights next to someone who has been here for twenty-three years, and who is now coming with her own daughter. For that matter, I love doing the elliptical with my oldest daughter, just as I did the yoga class with my mom so many years ago. - Joan Semling Bostian, Owner




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